Bruce King – Writer/Producer/Director/Actor/Founder/CEO/blah, blah, blah…

Bruce began his life in the arts as a child actor in Houston, Texas. After becoming a critically acclaimed New York stage actor for the Off-Broadway show “Man Enough” (1985) Bruce took a thirty year hiatus from acting. During this period he owned and ran a small professional healthcare service and maintained his artistic release through being a professional singer/songwriter in the Christian folk/rock genre. This culminated in a positive review from Christianity Today magazine in 2006. Shortly thereafter Bruce modified his belief system to be more Buddhist in nature and so he retired from Christian music.

After a decade of intently studying screenwriting, film-making and producing numerous educational videos for YouTube Bruce wrote and directed his own short film “Dehypnotized” (2015). He also garnered acting roles in several short films done by some up-and-coming production companies (Gin & Tonic Films and Riot Studios). In 2015 he made it to the second round of the Austin Film Festival’s screenwriting competition for a short film script.

Bruce is currently working on developing and funding the young boy’s action/adventure film “Andrew Wilder and the Treasure of the Old Hotel”.

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