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Films in development:

Example poster of young boy action/adventure film “Andrew Wilder and the Treasure of the Old Hotel”.

Produced Films:

“Dehypnotized”. A short film I wrote, produced, directed, edited, created special effects for, acted in, composed and performed the song at the end. (more consciousness than comedy)

More comedy than consciousness.

Acting Reels:

Clips from “Dehypnotized”, Doritos spec commercial and “4 or More”.

The reel below is a bunch of clips of me from Gin & Tonic Films short dark comedy called “4 or More”.

Scripts Written by Bruce King:

  • BUD UGLY – premium cable lowbrow comedy series (3 episodes written so far). A short, bald, middle-aged bachelor loses his job and decides to buffer his desperation by trying to pick up women way out of his league using wacky schemes. His roommate helps.
  • DISINHIBITED – premium cable satirical comedy series. A hyper-religious young woman has a head injury and loses her inhibitions. This interferes with her life at home and at the Free Will Seminary College where she is studying to be a missionary.
  • DEHYPNOTIZED – short film (produced 2015). A young woman is dehypnotized and begins having supernatural experiences.
  • DISINHIBITION – short film (2nd round at AFF). First 8 pages of sitcom.
  • OPPOSITES OF A FEATHER – short film. A cruel young man messes with the wrong girl.

Acting: (Reel and resume, etc.)

IMDb link

Comments: Two career highlights: 1) Reading Richard F. Shepherd’s New York Times review of my performance in the Off-Broadway show “Man Enough”. Mr. Shepherd said, “…he goes to the heart of good acting.” 2) Making it into the top 15%  second round at the Austin Film Festival’s screenwriting contest .

Other miscellaneous stuff:

I also did a Christian folk/rock album a while back. I am now a Buddhist, though, so I retired from Christian music.

Link to clips from album.

Reviews: “He is indeed a talent worth checking out.”  from Cross Rythms UK

“…a good one.” from CrossWalk (Christianity Today review)

And, a self-help book I wrote to help people with neck pain.

Link to book