“Dehypnotized”. A short film I wrote, produced, directed, acted in.

Scripts Written by Bruce King:

      • DISINHIBITED – sitcom. A hyper-religious young woman has a head injury and loses her inhibitions. This interferes with her life at home and at the Free Will Seminary College where she is studying to be a missionary.
      • BUD UGLY – sitcom. A middle aged Bachelor has a mid-life crisis after he loses his job. He decides to buffer his desperation by going for women way out of his league. His roommate helps.
      • DEHYPNOTIZED – short film (produced 2015). A young woman is dehypnotized and begins having supernatural experiences.
      • DISINHIBITION – short film (2nd round at AFF). First 8 pages of sitcom.
      • OPPOSITES OF A FEATHER – short film. A cruel young man messes with the wrong girl.
      • Screenwriting network: https://www.stage32.com/profile/503163/bruce-king

Voice-over for Random House audio books:A Trail to the West (Shep Harvey and Rip Cocker)

Doritos spec commercial: Link

Acting: https://www.backstage.com/bruceking/

Acting Resume

4 or More (completed)                       Lead                         Gin & Tonic Films
Dehypnotized (released)                   Lead                         Reformation Films
Man Enough                                     Joey Delaney (Lead) Off-Broadway
Godspell                                           Jesus (Lead)              Country Playhouse
Grass Harp                                       Colin (Lead)               U. of St. Thomas
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde                     Mr. Hyde (Lead)         U. of St. Thomas
Taming of the Shrew                      Biondello (Supporting) College of the Mainland
Hot’l Baltimore                                 Jamie (Ensemble)      Country Playhouse
Pal Joey                                          Janitor (Minor)            Country Playhouse
Carousel                                           (Chorus)                    Country Playhouse
A Trail to the West              Shep Harvey, Rip Coker       Random House audio books
Bending God                       Narration/Voice Acting          Bruce King for HBI co.
The Navigator’s Handbook Narration/Voice Acting           Bruce King for HBI co.
This Day with Katheryn       solo singer                             KPRC Houston
Lessons in Consciousness  Host                                      Bruce King Prod.
Conquer Neck Pain             Self                                        Bruce King for subscript. svc.
Music and Singing
Catch Me with Your Grace  singer/songwriter                           Bruce King Music
Doritos (spec)            Julian (Lead)           Arvi Ragu
Doritos (spec)            Doctor (Lead)          Arvi Ragu
Doritos (spec)            Dad (supporting)     Arvi Ragu
Chris Wilson Actor’s Studio      Chris Wilson                      Houston
Alley Theater Acting School     3 year program                  Houston
Theater Under the Stars          Humphrey’s Acting School Houston


Comments: Two career highlights: 1) Reading Richard F. Shepherd’s New York Times review of my performance in the Off-Broadway show “Man Enough”. Mr. Shepherd said, “…he goes to the heart of good acting.” 2) Making it into the top 15%  second round at the Austin Film Festival’s screenwriting contest.

Contact: brkbendreality@gmail.com